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ODBC Database issue




I want to use the "Use Database" method in LMS - Testlab Channel Setup to import channel data via excel. To setup the procedure I worked up all the information providet in the Help.


I recognized, that the procedure to create a new excel workbook is not necessary as the files are obviously provided in course of LMS installation. Those are excel files from excel 2000. My Excel version is 2013, 32 bit.


The error message I get from LMS when clicking "open" at Channel Setup --> Database is "Unexpected error from external databasedriver".


Any idea?


Thanks for your help.

Best regards, Gregor




Re: ODBC Database issue

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Use the Transducers.xls or Transducers.xlsx file provided under C:\LMS\UserConfiguration\{user}\LMS Test.Lab {version}\DataSources.  Just edit that file by inserting in between the redlines so that the Named Cell Range "TRANSDUCERS" includes your additions.


I believe rev 15A and earlier expects Transducers.xls and rev 16A, 17 expects Transducers.xlsx.  Newer versions of MS Excel and can save to the older format.


If the one at C:\LMS\UserConfiguration\{user}\LMS Test.Lab {version}\DataSources is corrupt then remove it and replace it with the one located withing the installation at C:\Program Files (x86)\LMS\LMS Test.Lab {version\central\DataSources.  Or email your file to your local support team along with what version of LMS Test.Lab and I am confident they can assist you.

Re: ODBC Database issue


Thanks for your help Kevin. You are absolutely wright. In addition to the creation of the excel file I had an issue with the data driver for ODCB in windows which I could fix by selection an other excel driver for a 32-bit excel system.


Regards, Gregor