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Operational Modal Analysis

I'm a PHD student and I work on operational modal analysis.
Actually, I want to use LMS TEST LAB V13.

Firstly, I want to know what is the tool that let me to measure time reponse of a structure which is excited by an operational excitation.

Then, afert having these temporal measurements, I would like to use the operational modal analysis tool on LMS, to identify the model parameters of my struction by only output data identification.

So, is there any tutorial for the tool "operational modal analysis of LMS TEST LAB V13?
Thank you for your help Smiley Happy

Accepted by topic author Maamar_Asia
‎10-04-2016 01:32 PM

Re: Operational Modal Analysis

Hi Asia,

First you'll need signature acquisition with time recording add in to record the throughput data.  Once you have the raw data, then you can use "operational modal analysis" to calculate cross power and extract mode shape.  Can you send me a prive message here with your email address?  I can send you the tutorial.



Re: Operational Modal Analysis

thank you for your quick response.
hear is my email adress:
Thank you again

Re: Operational Modal Analysis



I a Graduate Research Assistant at Kettering University and use LMS Test.lab for my research work. I am in need of the tutorial on the Operational Modal Analsyis - LMS Tes.Lab. May I please request you to share it with me. 


email id:


Thanks & Regards,

Kiran Patil

Re: Operational Modal Analysis



If you go to the Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC) website there is a tutorial on Operational Modal under the Documentation, LMS Test.Lab, Tutorials area.  You will need a webkey and password to access the site which can be created using the Web Access Code and sold-to located at the top of your license file.


Re: Operational Modal Analysis

Thank you Kevin...