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Order filtering in Audio Replay window


Hello dears,

i want to implement a order filter to a recorded sound signal in Audio Replay window, i have sound and tacho file separately in wav format, i want to know how the tacho file can be addressed for order filtering.


Re: Order filtering in Audio Replay window

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Siemens Phenom

Not sure exactly what your situation is, but here are some potential instructions.


First, put both the data wave file and tacho wave file into input basket:





Go to Time Data Selection worksheet and press "Replace". Both the data and tacho file are available, but separate.  Select <ALL> to see both files.





Highlight the wave file with the tacho, and press the button with the blue arrow on it.  The tacho channel can be moved to the data file:




Assuming the rpm is in a pulse format, the TACHO_TO_RPM_PULSE function in Time Signal Calculator can be used to convert the pulses to a rpm trace.




Press the "Save As" button to store the data and rpm trace together.  Then in Audio replay, the order filter can be used.


Hope that helps!





Re: Order filtering in Audio Replay window


Thanks a lot for your detailed answer!

best regards