Post-Processing Run-up/Run-down data with varying rpm-ranges at once

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recently I conducted several run-up / run-down measurements. Now I have the time traces and I want to process orders. To save time I would like to post-process all my runs at once. To make things difficult the rpm-range always differs.


So for instance I measured with "Run 1" a Run-up from 1000rpm to 3000rpm and a Run-down from 3000rpm to 1000rpm.

With "Run2" I measured a Run-up from 1000rpm to 4000rpm and accordingly a Run-down from 4000rpm to 1000rpm.


In Post-Processing I then use Measurement mode "Tracked", Tracking Mode "Tacho" and Slope method "Imm. Up / Down" with Minimum of 1000rpm and Maximum of 4000rpm.


This gets me Post-processing results for Run-ups of both runs, but only for Run-Down of "Run 2". Run-Down for "Run 1" is missing. I guess that is because it is waiting for it to cross the 4000rpm line which it has never reached in the first place.


Is it possible to overcome this issue so that I don't need to check the Minimum and Maximum Rpms of each run?


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