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Quick way to make cylindrical geometry?


I am making a cylindrical geometry (like a tube).  My test object is very symmetric.


In testlab geometry, I can make a cylindrical component, but I have to add each point one at a time.  


Is there a faster way?  Some way to automatically create a cylindrical mesh of points?


Re: Quick way to make cylindrical geometry?

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Yes, there is a little known tool that is helpful in creating a standard geometry shape that has been available for a number of years.  Open LMS Test.Lab with the Geometry worksheet available to you.  Then start an external Mesh Generator tool via Start, All Programs, LMS Test.Lab, Tools, Mesh Generator.  These standard shapes can be created:   circle, circle [meshed], rectangular, rectangular meshed, prism (cube but top and bottom can be different areas), Cylinder, sphere.  I will show a cylinder example below.  By pressing Help, a PDF will open that has examples of each.


As the help file states, the following licenses (tokens can be used for Geometry and Windows Automation) are needed for this tool:
- Test.Lab Desktop Advanced
- Test.Lab Geometry
- Test.Lab Window Automation




By using the following settings, and pressing Generate a 60 node geometry is created.  There are 6 nodes around the diameter in the XY plane (spaced 60 degrees apart) and ten divisions along the Z axis each spaced 1.1111 meter apart.  The Enable button enables drawing the lines - with that turned OFF only the nodes are created.  The cyl1 component is also created with the cylindrical coordinate system.




Here are the nodes and Euler angles:


geo3.jpgIf you don't like the node names, type in the node number you want and then pull down the cell (similar to excel) to auto increment the node names and then press Accept Table in the top right corner to make the change.



Re: Quick way to make cylindrical geometry?

Thanks for the info. I did not think to look in the Windows Start menu in the Tools folder to find this!