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as stated in the subject I want to record raw CANbus data during my measurement of vibrations. I found the nice tutorial in and followed accordingly. Sadly I am faced with some problems.


After enabling the "Vehicle Bus"-add on I can choose my CAN Device at the CAN-Channel Channel-Settings:





(I am using a CANcaseXL device from vector ( with two channels)


After entering the Baud Rate and chosing channel 1 I can see a small window appearing in the channel setup.





So far it seems to work. When I load a database I can also chose specific channels and save them during a measurement. However if I want to save all the data I can't check the box under 'Save Raw Data'. That box actually isn't there as you can see in my screenshot above.


What am I doing wrong in this case? Why can I save particular channels with a database loaded, but fail to safe the raw datastream due to not being able to checkbox that option? I am using LMS Testlab 16A.


Re: Record Raw CANBUS DATA

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom



The Vector boxes were primarily used with the Scadas III hardware before we had an embedded CAN option available on the Scadas Mobile \ Scadas Recorder with CANBus on the XSI or SYSCON, the CN4 card or the Scadas XS.  Since their support will stop with the support of the Scadas III hardware most new features are not being added to this solution.


So, as you found saving the raw digital time stream is not supported with the Vector hardware.  Also, measuring OBDII channels is also not supported.