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Run TecWare with Simcenter Testlab tokens?


I want to do some fatigue life calculations, and was told that TecWare can do this, and can even be run with my Simcenter/LMS Testlab tokens in the latest versions.  Only one problem, after upgrading to revision 17, how do I start TecWare?


Re: Run TecWare with LMS Test.Lab tokens?

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Siemens Phenom

Icons to start Tecware ProcessBuilder (the part of Tecware that can be accessed using Testlab tokens) can be created by in less than a minute with just a few clicks!:


1.  The Tecware software is part of the Simcenter Testlab installation as of Revision 17 and higher. To run the Tecware ProcessBuilder software, a small configuration tool needs to be run from Windows:

  • "Start -> All Programs -> LMS Test.Lab 17 -> Tools -> Add LMS TecWare shortcuts" OR
  • "Start -> All Programs -> Simcenter Testlab {rev} -> Tools -> Add Simcenter Tecware shortcuts"




2. Select the Setup Language and press OK:




3. Install the Tecware and and Tecware Processbuilder components. Press the Next button:


Tecware Components.png


4. Press the Next button on the Select Start Menu folder:




4. Press the Next button on the Additional Tasks menu.  This makes it so the Tecware strip chart will be opened when doubleclicking on time files.




5.  Press Install and then you are done! 




With the installation done, there are two tools that can be accessed: Tecware ProcessBuilder and Tecware TimeEdit.


Doubleclick on the Tecware ProcessBuilder icon to:


Doubleclick on a time file in Windows Explorer to start the Tecware TimeEdit tool: