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Running modal analysis (RMA)


How to measure running modal analysis of exhaust system for LMS TEST LAB,please share some tutorial


Re: Running modal analysis (RMA)

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Siemens Phenom



we cannot really provide tutorials on this forum since that is meant for customers on software support contracts, but if you log into the Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC) we have tutorials available at


We also have this knowledge base article available:


Running Mode Analysis (RMA) is an older term we used in Cada-X.  Currently we have available Operation Deflection Shapes which can animate frequency domain data such as Frequency spectrums or Crosspwer Spectrums at any frequency, or Frequency sections or Order sections at any speed from a runup or rundown test.  Time animation can animate throughput data.  Operational Modal analysis can extract modal parameters from the operating data.  Tutorials on ODS and Operational Modal analysis are available at the above link.


For more information, please reach out to your local GTAC support team at 

Re: Running modal analysis (RMA)