ScadasXS for audio playback in LMS Test.Lab?


I heard that a ScadasXS can be connected to LMS Test.Lab for calibrated sound playback.  


Is this true?  How is it done?


Re: ScadasXS for audio playback in LMS Test.Lab?

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If you're our existing customer, please go to: https://www.plm.automation.siemens.com/en_us/support/gtac/

->Solution center, then log in with the user name and password; or you'll need to create an account with your webkey access code and sold to ID.

Then you'll find an FAQ to tell you with instruction. The instruction is for using the binaural headset with SCADAS Mobile, you can skip the hardware connection portion in the FAQ because the headset can directly plug into the XS frontend.  Please follow the instruction for Test.Lab setup, you'll need to connect the XS frontend to the PC first.




Re: ScadasXS for audio playback in LMS Test.Lab?

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yes if you are using the binaural headset with the XS for playback it would be calibrated.  In LMS Test.Lab, open an acqusition workbook like Signature Acquisition with the XS connected.  Then in the Audio Replay dialog, select Options and then turn on "Replay via frontend if connected".  Then select the Headphone as the one used during measurement.    Leave the replay range on Automatic.



There are two other options outside of Test.Lab:

On the XS, press Replay to replay the last measurend run.

In the Smart Scope software you can Replay any measured run from the Analysis menus.