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Signature acquisition


I work on the operational modal analysis for machin-tool systems.
Now, I want to mesure the cutting force during machining.
For this, I used the Kisler table and then I connected it to the LMS system acquisition.
The problem is that the unit of the sensibilty of the measured data force gived by the Kisler table is "pC/N".
While, when doing the channel settup on the LMS tool, I must put the sensibility of the data force channel in the "mV/N" unit.
So,I want to know if I can put the sensibility on LMS , in the unit pC/N? 
Thank you a lot for your help.
Best regards.


Re: Signature acquisition

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Siemens Legend

This is a CHARGE based transducer.  It is not Voltage.  It is not ICP.  So it requires a different type of conditioning.


If you have a LMS VC8 card, you can set the mode to pC/N.  In the 'Input Mode' select 'Charge', rather than ICP/Voltage AC/Voltage DC.


A screenshot of the VC8 card specification is here.  In the lower left the pC (picoCoulomb) settings are highlighted.  The card allows you to select between Voltage/ICP/Charge on a per channel basis.



 If you do not have a VC8 card with Charge conditioning, a PCB Inline Charge Converter can be used to work with ICP Input Mode:


It goes inline between the charge force transducer and the Scadas.  The charge transducer connects to the threaded connector on the left, and the Scadas connects via the BNC connector on the right:



 Hope this helps!







Re: Signature acquisition


First, thank you for your help.
If I understand what you explained, in the input mode, I should select 'Charge', rather than ICP/Voltage AC/Voltage DC.
But, I haven't this selection in the 'input mode'.
I have just ICP,Voltage AC, or Voltage DC.
You can verify with me in the joined picture.
Thank you for you disponibility.


Re: Signature acquisition

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello,  you must have a V8 or VS8 Scadas Mobile\Recorder input card or PQA/PQFA Scadas III input card, rather than a VC8 or PQCA input card that would support charge transducers.

Re: Signature acquisition

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Siemens Legend



This means you do not have a VC-8 card.  You probably have a V8 card which can only do ICP and Voltage.  You will need to purchase either:


1.  A LMS SCM-VC8 card     OR

2.  A inline charge converter from PCB (link in original post)


Item #1 above is a new card that will need to be inserted into a empty slot on your SCADAS.


Item #2 above will work with your existing card and just needs to be inserted into the wire between the force transducer and SCADAS.