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SoundBrush Intensity Vectors in Report File



I have used the LMS SoundBrush to map 3D sound intensity fields with much success.  I am now attempting to utilize the Report Generating functionality to export the measured data for further processing.  The sound intensity results are easily exported to Excel as shown below.


7-12-2018 5-36-59 PM.jpgSound Intensity Results from Soundbrush3

As you can see, the data is arranged in columns, where from left to right we have:

  • Positions (sequential scan index number for each datapoint)
  • Time (Timestamp for each datapoint)
  • Red/Green/Blue (X,Y,Z cartesian coordinates for each data point)
  • Pitch/Yaw angle (I assume this is the direction of the intensity vector)
  • Overall (dB magnitude of the overall intensity vector)
  • 100Hz/125Hz...4000Hz (dB magnitude for each 1/3 octave band intensity vector)

My question is with regard to the Pitch and Yaw.

  1. Am I correct that this is the direction of the intensity vector?
  2. If so, to which frequency does this intensity vector correspond?
  3. Is it possible to export the direction for each 1/3 octave band?

Many thanks!





Re: SoundBrush Intensity Vectors in Report File

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

Dear Nick,


I'm very happy that you are satisfied by the Simcenter Soundbrush.

To come to your questions, the pitch and yaw in the report are the direction of the vector that is currently displayed in the 3D view of Soundbush Anlysis tab.

In order to have all the 1/3 Octaves in the report you should vissualize the octave of interest and generate a report, than repeat it for each of the octave that you wish to visualize.


Thank you for sharing your Soundbrush experience.


Danilo Sabbatini