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Stereo recordings in LMS Test.Lab


In a lot of my recordings, I have a left and right ear microphone.


Everytime I do audio replay, I have to click on the ‘Stereo’ button to manually select which channel is the left and which one is the right.  I have several recordings at a time that I compare, and I have do this stereo selection for each one.





















When I exit the replay menu, I get to do it all over again. 


This takes a lot of extra time to do all over again when doing Audio Replay the next time.  Any ideas?


Re: Stereo recordings in LMS Test.Lab

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

Yes, you can make the stereo selections permanent in the time signal calculator.


Look for a function called STEREO_MULTIPLEX




After opening the menu, specify the two channels you wish to have be denoted permanently as stereo channels.


Stereo channels get a special symbol in the Navigator (Some say it looks like a zombie with a green head and two outstretched red arms).







Anytime you play even one channel from a time file with the special symbol, it will automatically play both channels in stereo!


It is also possible to specify stereo channels while doing a measurement.  In the Channel Setup, turn on “Tools -> Channel Setup Visibility -> MultiChannel” as a column in the Channel Setup worksheet.




In the MultiChannel pulldown, you can select ‘Stereo’.  Two consecutive channels will be stereo channels for replay.


MultiChannel can also be used for triaxial accelerometers.




Re: Stereo recordings in LMS Test.Lab


Thanks!  I tried this and this is much better!