Sync lms time data to head time data via common tacho signal


hi everybody, i want to combine data taken from lms scadas frontend and data from head squadriga into lms testlab. A common tacho signal exists, so i should not be a problem to add those head channels for postprocessing to lms testlab.


A automated solution to this problem would be prefared.

Thanks in advance for any of your suggestions, Gregor.



Re: Sync lms time data to head time data via common tacho signal

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Hello Gregor,

In order to combine the throughput file from Test.Lab with Sqaudriga, what sampling frequency are the data?  Ideally they have to have same the sampling frequency under the same channel grouping.  For example if the LDSF from Test.Lab is vibration channel group with 51.2k Hz sampling frequency, and the head data has the same sampling frequency under vibration channel group; then there's no problem combining the data together in Test.Lab; or if the data in head is under acoustic channel with different sampling frequency, that's ok too because Test.Lab allow multiple sampling fequency under different channel group.  What's not ok is both data is under the same channel group, but with different sampling frequency.  For example, Test.Lab data has 51.2k Hz for vibration, and head data has 25.6k Hz for vibration; then combining two data sets inside test.lab require to upsamle or downsample the data to the same frequnecy or assigne one dataset to a different channel group; that's work around when comes to that.


Now in order to combine both data sets, you'll need add both data sets into the input basket and have both data sets show in the Time data selection workbook, then you'll utilize the Move feature as shown in the image below:


You'll need to highlight all the channels that are going to move to the other measurement.  Once the Move action is completed, you can go to Time data processing workbook to process the data or you click "Save As" button in Time data selection to save as a new run with all data channels combine. 


Not sure if you're aware that Test.Lab can read .hdf file directly, you just need the "head data driver" add in by going to Tools->Add in-> to select Head data driver.  Good luck!