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TL Batch reporting & MSOffice v16

I'm not really certain how much the Batch Reporting is used, but I do use it from time to time, and find it very useful on those occasions.


Recently, I had a large batch of data to report out - perfect application for the addin - but much to my dismay I'm getting an "unable to find microsoft office version."  So, I found myself up until after midnight dragging and dropping active plot after active plot.  Very inefficient.


What is the fix for this?






Re: TL Batch reporting & MSOffice v16

Hello Aaron,


Are you using LMS Test.Lab 15A (no support for Office 2016) or rev 16A?  From the 16A release notes:


Test.Lab  supports  interoperability  with  Microsoft  Office  2007,  Office  2010,
Office 2013 and Office 2016 (excluding Office 365).


If you are using LMS Test.Lab rev 16A, have you run the Start, All Programs, LMS Test.Lab 16A, Configuration, "Configre Office for Printing" tool?

Re: TL Batch reporting & MSOffice v16

Thanks Kevin.  


TL 15A... I'll install 16 today and see if that does it.  I have a feeling though, Office365 is going to cause issues.


Re: TL Batch reporting & MSOffice v16



With reference to below topic, i also faced the same issue with version Test Lab 15A.

Recently i installed TestLab 16 level 2 and try to make print out for report in ppt format. I am using the MS 2016 version.


I have attached the file showing error and not able to generate report.


Please reply asap


Thank You

Onkar Deshpande



Re: TL Batch reporting & MSOffice v16



I suspect that you have two issues here.  First the PowerPoint error.  Open PowerPoint, click on the File tab, thne click on Options and then Add-Ins.  At the bottom of that menu change the Manage selector box from COM Add-ins to PowerPoint Add-ins and click Go...


In the next menu, highlight the PlotFormatAddIn 15A and the click on Remove.  Now close PowerPoint.


Next, in the Test.Lab 16A folder on your desktop, Go to the Configuration folder and click on Configure Office for Printing.  It might be sufficient to simply Install the Office Tool, so just click on OK.  Now you should be able to work with Active Pictures from TL 16A in PowerPoint.





Re: TL Batch reporting & MSOffice v16



Thanks for help. It starts work