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Test Lab 16 order cutting

Does anyone understand or have an example of




Re: Test Lab 16 order cutting

Hello Bothwell,


When calculating order sections in LMS Test.Lab, there are four methods to estimate the width of the order using Fixed sampling techniques.  Two are fixed width (constant (or fixed) width at each speed) and two are proportional (width varies with speed).

Fixed width methods:  

  • Fixed Frequency Band
  • Fixed Number of Lines (spectral lines or order lines)


Varying width (Proportional) methods:

  • Fixed Order Band
  • Fixed Percentage Band

Using Order tracking techniques only Number of Lines, Order Band and Percentage Band are available.


Some some slides from the training material are attached.  If you look at your waterfall data in a colormap picture in dB or Log format and use an order cursor you can investigate the width of the order to use to capture it's entire energy and determine if the width is constant or if it varies with speed.


Re: Test Lab 16 order cutting

Hi Kevin

Thank you for the prompt response.

Is there a video example to demonstraet these procedures in TL?

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‎04-05-2017 07:11 PM

Re: Test Lab 16 order cutting

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Hello Bothwell,


No, no video.  When you specify the sections to calculate and hit enter it populates a table as shown here.  The mode is easily selected via column 3 (Mode) and then the other settings can be adjusted as needed.



Re: Test Lab 16 order cutting

Thanks Kevin

I do this all the time!! I guess i earnt how to click buttons with know the theory behind the process

Re: Test Lab 16 order cutting



Glad to assist.  Be sure to check out the Knowledge Base Article "What's an Order" at