Test.Lab Automation: FRF dummy block




I am trying to use TL.Automation to create a "dummy" FRF block via automation without any success. Can anyone help me in doing this? I'm currently using VB6.




Thanks in advance


Re: Test.Lab Automation: FRF dummy block

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To create a dummy FRF block with automation, is not that simple and straight forward. For getting the function class and a lot of required properties correct is not easy.

Maybe this work-arround can help you.

You can get a FRF block in 2 simple ways:

  1. re-use an already existing FRF block
  2. build an FRF block with the Add-in "Data Block Editor"

Save this FRF block in a dummy LMS project, when needed you can get it from this project.

Use the DataBrowser to get it, so that you don't have to open a second LMS project.


Like I said not the best, but a solution.