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Throughput file viewed in NotePad

For a typical throughput file of a sine run with 9 channels of data and using notepad to view the data 6 columns of data are produced with many many lins of data.How does one begin to graph this data when using Excel as the graphing tool? TIA.


Re: Throughput file viewed in NotePad



are you exporting the throughput data by right right clicking on the data and exporting to text?  That will provide 3 colums for each piece of data:  X axis, Real Data, Imaginary data.  For time data, the Imaginary data is not included so you will get the X axis and the Real Data only.


Since the X axis is repeated for each channel, it is probably easier to remove all instances of the X axis except the first one.


An easier way to export the throughput data and also use in Excel plotting later would be to:

a)  Display the time data in a picture

b) Make sure the Y axis format is Real

c) Select all curves and right click to Copy Values - this places it on the clipboard.

d) Paste to excel.  This probably formats it easier than exporting to text first.

e) Again the X axis is repeated for each channel, it might be easier to remove the instances other than the first channel before plotting in Excel.

Re: Throughput file viewed in NotePad

that was my mistake by not exporting the text file....its working now. thx.