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Time Data Selection


Hi there,

I want to do some psychoacoustic analysis with the add-in "Sound quality metrics". Therefor I need to select a data source. However when I put a whole section or some Throughput-data into the input basket and try to "add" or "replace" the data set, there comes an error that says:

"Selected data source contains no data. Current dataset did not change."

What's the problem?

Thanks for any help!


Re: Time Data Selection

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hello,  can you verify or check a few things:


1)  Is the function class "time"?  That would be a requirement.

2)  Is the sample frequency known?  That would be a requirement.


If you right click on the data and get it's Properties you can verify both.  If the data is coming from an external source (other than our LDSF format) then those two items would need to be set properly.  If the data has a variable X axis or the X axis increment or sample frequency is not set we cannot use it in Time Data Selection or Time Data Processing.


3)  After your right click on the data on the Navigator and "Add to Input Basket" can you check the Input Basket and verify it is actually in the Input Basket?


4)  On the Time Data Selection worksheet, in the top left corner, is the Data source set to Input Basket?  If not, then use the three dots at the right to change the data source to Input Basket and then press Add to add the data from the Input Basket to the Dataset.


Hopefully that gets your working.