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Using Automation for directly getting data from TestLab


Hello community.

I have next interesting task: get data in real-time from Test.Lab by means of Automation package. But because I started learn Automation so recently, this task isn't simple.


I have next components for my task: LMS SCADAS Lab (and also SCADAS Mobile) and LMS Test.Lab package. For write Automation scripts I using C# language. 

What questions I have:

1) What is the way in which data is written in Test.Lab? When I start measurment in "Measure" list, what is next? Test.Lab writes data from SCADAS in file (so where is this file?) or in RAM memory (or buffer) and after export this buffering data in file?

2) What is "Online Data" in Test.Lab Data Explorer? I I can drag and drop block from "OnlineData" to graph in "Measure" list and view online data from sensor. But how I can access to this block from Automation?
3) What DataWatches in Aumtomation (see Automation Documentation tool) are used for getting data from SCADAS? How I can use their? 


I'm sorry for my bad english, I may write my questions in more details if it will ne need. 


Thank you.


Re: LMS Test.Lab Automation Casting Failed when Using AdvancedCmd Interface

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius
try this line

oBlock = tl.cmd.AdvancedCmd.BLOCK_AVERAGE_STATISTICS(1, LMSTestLabAutomation.CONST_EnumStatisticFunction.StatisticFunctionEnergy_average, oBlock, oBlock)