Vibration Overlaying Graphs



Im using LMS test.lab for vibration. 

Is it possible to put both control and response on the same graph while testing? At the moment i can only see them on different graphs. I want to see them both toghter in order to see if there are any unnormal gains.

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Re: Vibration Overlaying Graphs

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You can use the Data Explorer from the Data, Data Explorer menu pick to do this.  Browse to the Online Data, Current Run and then the Function you wish to display.


When you select the folders on the left you will see the data (White background with blue trace) and you can drag and drop in the display.  You can right click on a curve or it’s selection box in the legend and remove it as well if you want to remove a channel.



For example, here I drop the PSD AvgCtrl, PSD Reference profile onto a display.



As another example, Here I am showing the Measured PSD and I can drag and drop several in the same display or I can drag and drop them in th same display as the Control channel or the Reference profile.  I also have some numerical displays and I drag and dropped some of the Measured PSD's into them.