View Channel Setup from Desktop!

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A colleague of mine showed me this feature, which I had not known.


Many times I am working in the Desktop, and want to see my channel settings.  I always have had to exit and start up Signature or Random Control to see the settings.


But you can see the Channel Setup right from Desktop Navigator, without having to exit.  Apparently this feature was always there and I never knew about it. Could have saved me a ton of time, so I thought I would share.


In Navigator, just right click on the Archived Settings of the run and pick "View Channel Setup".  It is that easy.







Re: View Channel Setup from Desktop!

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Here is another tip:


The "Archived Settings" not only contains the channel setup used for that particular run, but it also contains all the acquisition settings.


You can actually load the settings used for any particular run by right clicking on the archived settings and choose "Load Archived Settings".  Your current test setup will be replaced by the settings used to acquire the data.