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Want to filter to target, not -40 dB across whole order.


Ciao - Audio replay and filter order. 




Audio replay has only -40 db




Want to filter with target, not -40 dB across whole order.




Don't want 40 dB over whole order.  Can filter to target?


Grazie in anticipo


Re: Want to filter to target, not -40 dB across whole order.

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

The following might help.


Let’s say you have two blocks – a measured order and a target order:




Using the data calculator, the difference of the two blocks can be calculated.  The difference can then be used as a filter.


To calculate the difference put both blocks into the input basket (right click and choose “Add to input basket”).


Then click on Data Calculator in the Navigator worksheet.  Add the blocks from the input basket, and they will be assigned ids like F1, F2, etc. 




Use the formula SUBTRACT_BLOCKS_DB to calculate the difference.  This should create a third block like shown below.





The press the “Save Results As” button to save the difference into the project.


In the audio replay and filtering menu, after creating a order filter, turn on the “User” checkbox, and select browse.  You may need to make the menu a bit wider to see these options.  Select the block with the difference.





Now when doing audio replay, the filter will change with rpm and adjust the order to match the target.  Note that the attention field will read “0” instead of “40”.  This is normal.  It is not desirable to add additional attenuation on top of the attenuation specified by the block.