Cool Channel Setup tricks for Triaxial Accelerometers

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Looking to setup triaxial accelerometers quickly and correctly in Simcenter Testlab?  triax.jpgTriaxial Accelerometer


If so, here are three tips for you!:



1.  Use Auto Fill


In the Simcenter Testlab (formerly LMS Test.Lab) "Channel setup" worksheet, highlight the PointId and Direction of a triaxial accelerometer.  Hover the mouse in the lower right hand corner of your selection.


4-9-2016 9-58-42 AM.pngHover mouse in lower right corner of triaxial selection until double white arrow appears

Once a Double White arrow appears, drag the mouse down or up to fill in the other channels.  The "PointId" field will be automatically incremented, and the "Direction" fields will be filled with the same information as the original triax information.


4-9-2016 9-58-11 AM.pngDrag the arrow up/down with the mouse to auto fill triaxial information on the other channels


2. One Wire Triaxial Accelerometers


If you use a Simcenter SCADAS V-24 card or SCADAS XS, you can connect a 3 channel triaxial accelerometer with one cable.


Triaxial_cable.pngSingle cable triaxial accelerometer and SCADAS XS

For example, if you have a PCB Triaxial Accelerometer (either 4 pin or mini 4 pin), you can order PCB cables:


  • PCB Cable 010M136/M003 (SCADAS Lemo to 4 pin connector) where the "003" means 3 meters (5 and 10 can be substituted for the "3")  



  • PCB Cable 034M59/M003 (SCADAS Lemo to 4-pin miniature connector) 


XS_Triax2.jpgSCADAS XS and SCADAS V-24 lemo connection support single cable connections for triaxial accelerometersCompared to a traditional 3 BNC connection, this makes it impossible to cross wire the triaxial directions!


3.  Enforce Right Hand Rule Automatically


By default, directions on channels can be set independently.  Directions are not checked for compliance to the right hand rule.  This can lead to mistakes when doing a Modal Analysis or Operational Deflection Shape.

 triax3.pngDefault Channel Setup behavior allows directions to be set independently on each channel

In Tools -> Channel Setup Visibility, add the channel setup field called "MultiChannel".  For any triaxial accelerometer channels, set the "MultiChannel" value to "Triax-RH".


triax_restrict.pngSetting "MultiChannel" to "Triax-RH" limits direction selections to valid right hand rule combinations

Setting a group of three channels to "Triax-RH" limits the selection of directions to valid Right Hand Rule combinations.  No more "flyer points" on Modals and Operational Deflection Shapes!


Hope these tips help!


PS> If you are from Australia, there is a "Triax-LH"....


If you have questions, feel free to email  or contact Siemens PLM GTAC support.


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