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Interactive order cursor!

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

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Processing cursor for interactive order analysis...


Use the Processing cursor with a Colormap display and detached FrontBack display to view orders interactively.


First, display a waterfall data in the Simcenter Testlab Desktop Navigator worksheet (formerly called LMS Test.Lab).


colormap1.pngPicture 1: Colormap display in LMS Test.Lab Desktop Navigator worksheet

In the upper right corner near the display, click on the “Add a detached picture window” icon.


detached.pngPicture 2: In the upper right corner of the display area, click on the "Add a detached picture window" button

In the newly opened detached display, add a FrontBack layout.


colormap2.pngPicture 3: Open a FrontBack layout in the detached display.

Now right click in the colormap display and choose “Add Processing Cursor -> Order”


colormap3.pngPicture 4: Right click on the colormap display and select "Add Processing Cursor -> Order"

From the “Cursor Processing” dialog box, drag and drop the order function to the detached Front/Back display.


colormap4.pngPicture 5: From the "Cursor Processing" dialog box, drag and drop the order section into the FrontBack display.

Close the “Cursor Processing” dialog box by clicking on the X in the upper right corner of the dialog box.


Drag the order cursor in the colormap and to view it in the detached picture. The order cut will dynamically update as the cursor moves.


colormap5.pngPicture 6: Move the order cursor in the colormap display to see it update in the detached picture.

Multiple Order Cursors


Multiple processing cursors can be used and overlayed in the detached display.



colormap6.pngPicture 7: Multiple order processing cursors can be overlayed in the detached display.

Order Width


If you wish to set the order width, double click on the order cut in the “Cursor Processing” dialog.


order_width.pngPicture 8: Double click on the order section in the "Cursor Processing" dialog to set the order width.


 If the cursor dialog is closed, it can be reopened by right clicking on the order cursor in the colormap and selecting “Processing…”.


order_width2.pngPicture 9: Re-open the "Cursor Processing" dialog by right clicking on the order cursor and selecting "Processing..."

Questions?  Post a reply, email, or contact Siemens PLM GTAC support.


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How to understand the Order Width?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Every time you calculate an order the width must be specified.    The same is true when calculating on order section in Signature Acquisition or Signature Throughput Processing.


If it is an order tracked waterfall with no leakage on the orders then the width could be one order line.  If it is an FFT based waterfall we need to specify the width to calculate the order to compensate for leakage.    We then report the order as the RMS across that width.  By default the order width is 0.5 order wide.  So, 3rd order would be represented by the RMS level between 2.75 and 3.25 order.  To verify the width you could put the waterfall in a colormap display in dB or Log format and use an order cursor to see how wide the order is.


If the width is too narrow then the energy of the order is underestimated, if it it is too wide it is overestimated.