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LMS Tecware: Open time files fast!

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Open time files fast with LMS Tecware!

Did you know LMS Tecware has a feature that allows you to open time data directly from Windows Explorer into TimeEdit just by double clicking on the data?


This is possible with many different data types:

  • nCode DAC
  • IST RigSys
  • More…



This is an option that is presented during the installation of LMS Tecware.  However, if this was missed during installation, not a problem!


You can execute “create_shortcuts.exe” from the installed Tecware directory:


                C:\Program Files (x86)\LMS\LMS Tecware 3.12\create_shortcuts.exe


It will allow you to add start menu entries:


create_short.pngPicture 1: CreateShortcuts.exe can recreate Desktop shortcuts for ProcessBuilder and Tecware Desktop

and re-create the file associations between TimeEdit and various time data files.



create_short2.pngPicture2: Create associations for TimeEdit to various time files

More Files


Have a file that is not in the CreateShortcuts menu, but still supported by LMS Tecware?


No problem!  Additional files can be added by just right clicking on the file and selecting “Open with…”.


The associated program needs to be:


                <Tecware-Install-Dir>\bin\LMS TimeEdit.exe


Note: in the list of available programs, this shows up as “LMS Tecware” only, not “TimeEdit”. If it’s not in the list, use “Browse” to select "LMS TimeEdit.exe".


open_with.pngPicture3: Open with dialog for creating association with TimeEdit.

Opening Files Fast


Go to the directory with the time files.  They will have Blue icons indicating that they will open with TimeEdit by default.


Just double click on the time file of interest.


icon.pngPicture 4: Blue icons indicate file can be doubleclicked on and opened directly.


The file will be directly opened in TimeEdit for viewing and editing.


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