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Dell EMC World Austin Recap

Siemens Enthusiast Siemens Enthusiast
Siemens Enthusiast

I had the pleasure of attending Dell EMC World October 19 – 20 in Austin, Texas.  Digital transformation resonated throughout the show and Dell EMC, and their partners, continue to roll out products, technologies, and services to help their customers make the transition.  In fact, the theme of the show was “Let the Transformation Begin”.  Fundamental  to that transformation is big data and cloud.  Michael Dell, in his opening dialogue, mentions the importance of the “Internet of Everything”, 200 billion connected devices by 2031, massive sources of information, machine learning, and the next industrial revolution.  It’s clear that Dell EMC is well into the pivot that they call the Digital Dawn.


Photo from Dell EMC World AustinPhoto from Dell EMC World Austin


To support their customer’s digital transformation, they have been conducting some basic research to better understand the obstacles to making the transformation.  During the Big Data and Analytics Panels, Dell EMC “unveiled the Digital Transformation Index, new research that shows that organizations face pressure to act quickly to transform digitally due to significant disruption in their industry. Only 36% of organizations are rolling out data-driven decision-making and acting on intelligence in real-time. 41% of respondents said big data and data analytics are in their investment plans over the next 1-3 years but 63% said that they are unsure how to get started with big data and analytics technologies.”


Photo from Dell EMC World AustinPhoto from Dell EMC World Austin


Seeing those statistics affirms the need for solutions that enable companies to leverage big data to transform their businesses through product performance intelligence.  Manufacturing companies can greatly benefit from solutions with out-of-the-box capabilities that provide better visibility to product and supply chain performance; identify supplier quality issues earlier and prevent costly recalls; and speed time to problem resolution.  These low-hanging fruit use cases pave the way for demonstrating value and getting the buy-in at all levels of the organization necessary for truly transformational changes.  As described by Jeerd Brink of Pechanga Resort and Casino as well as John Caffery from General Motors once the initial value is demonstrated, the flood gate of ideas is opened because the organization is finally able to see the full value of their corporate information.  These inspiring stories are just the tip of the iceberg as the number of companies rolling out data-driven decision making increases and becomes an imperative to be competitive.