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Making faster business decisions with Advanced Data Visualization

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Big data is great and all, but at the end of the day… do companies make good business decisions based on all of these big datasets?  The ability to quickly make a decision can come down to how fast you can visualize and get insights from the data.


Visualizations must be able to make large data sets coherent such as produced by a heatmap or guide the user to think about the information in the graphic such as a geospatial map rather than about how the methodology, technology or data was put together.  The visualization should encourage the user to view and compare different sets of data without being overwhelmed by the data.  The visualizations should avoid distorting the data and be visually appealing. 


To solve the challenges in visualization, Omneo recently launched a release of a new app called Advanced Data Visualization as part of the Spring Updates for the SaaS offering. With this technology, any user can dynamically create the charts, graphs, and maps dynamically on the fly on top of vast amounts of data. 


Advanced Data Visualization provides the following capabilities:

  • Ability to visualize billions of data combinations in a very interactive and friendly charts such as heatmap, geospatial, box plots and many more. This allows companies to ask questions they didn’t know they should ask.
  • Ability to bring raw unified product performance data within Omneo and visualize it in any chart of your choosing.
  • Ability to create custom calculations on the fly and dynamically display it in the right visualizations at the right time.
  • Ability to organize and share visualizations in a friendly drag and drop dashboard.


 Advanced Data Visualization 2.jpg


Advanced Data Visualization 4.png


Advanced Data Visualization 5.png


Advanced Data Visualization can cut through a big data set and present friendly visualizations to empower analysts and execs to proactively make rapid, accurate, data driven decisions. This drastically reduces the time spent to resolve problems within a global supply chain and free up time to make an impact on product performance.   


Along with Advanced Data Visualization, additional Spring updates for Omneo include: 

  • Secure Supplier Access
  • Advanced Query Builder
  • Enhanced Dashboard Capabilities


Check out this video to learn more about Omneo's 2016 Spring Updates.

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