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Qantas reducing passenger pain with analytics tool to reduce delays

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By: Linda Fox, deputy editor for Tnooz


The travel industry is often preached to about the benefits of data – big and small – to target customers better, personalise and generally make businesses more efficient.


It’s told about the increasing number of sources of data it has to contend with, how it must collect it, understand it and use it.


However, what’s often missing is real life examples of how organisations are benefitting from the data.


Enter which has been using the technology since the summer.


The airline technology helps reduce the number and length of delays regardless of the – traffic volumes, operational delays, weather conditions etc.


For context, some 600m passengers were affected by disruption in 2014 which costs the airline industry $450m so any fine tuning has a real impact on the customer experience. Jason Jason Boutsayaphat


Speaking during the recent Merchandising, Digital and Travel Intelligence conference, Amadeus head of travel intelligence Pascal Clement said there was an “expectation to optimise but what came out was amazing.”


Qantas saw a 60% reduction in delays using the technology which is a huge benefit for an airline which spends many millions daily in operations.


The majority of the 200-strong other airline executives gathered at the conference also clearly saw the potential for improving delays through data analytics.


When polled on what the reduction was almost a third said between 30% and 59% while a further third predicted 60% or greater.


But, generally where are airlines in terms of their attitude to the potential for data analytics?


Clement says:


“They are all in experimentation mode, they are engaged.”


He argues that there is a lot of basic things that can be done in terms of connecting things and speeding up processes, which all has a positive impact on the customer.


However, most airlines still have too many silos and no airline yet has a real-time platform to connect all the data.


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