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Test Data Challenges in the Big Data World of Electronics

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Most electronics companies struggle to access and effec­tively use reliable test data. A recent survey revealed that 40 percent of companies require weeks to access test data, if they can access it at all. Further, 70 percent of companies believe their test data is less than 80 percent accurate. Combining these factors together introduces a large risk to these companies and the products they produce.

Given the criticality of test data to electronic product perfor­mance and customer satisfaction, a deeper analysis of the challenge reveals six dimensions of the data complicating access and use.

 These dimensions are:


  • Volume
  • Multiple sources
  • Parametric
  • Low context
  • Velocity
  • Data quality


Each of these test data dimensions have a significant impact and pose risk to enterprise performance. The initial impact arises inside supply chain performance. Because of the large number and redundancy of suppliers per part, multiple variations of the data type, context and quality arise. These variations often lead to difficulty in accurately gauging supplier quality, complicating supplier comparisons, and increase potential recalls.


Test data also impacts enterprise performance by revealing many reasons why the product is creating a specific customer experience. Customer experience has become a primary focus for electronics companies, as products that consistently require a lot of maintenance or require frequent repair or revision can damage customer loyalty. Therefore, test data accessibility and effective use is paramount for creating lasting improvement on the customer experience.


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These dimensions are also capable of slowing production or endangering, quality which quickly affects the cost of goods sold (COGS) for a product. As such, profitability is impacted by test data and the complexities it presents. Solutions to profitability, customer experience and the supply chain must be sought out by companies looking to maintain their competitive advantage.


Companies desiring to improve enterprise performance must readily access and effectively use reliable test data. These companies must discover enterprise solutions that incorporate:


  • Data aggregation and contextualization
  • Parametric data analysis
  • Data integrity
  • Rapid search
  • In-depth analytics
  • Radical visualization
  • Global collaboration


Electronics companies can now fully leverage test data to rapidly discover and solve problems, increase decision-making velocity, and ultimately improve product performance and customer experience. Omneo answers the challenges test data presents by delivering product perfor­mance intelligence through ingesting high-volume data at high velocity from virtually any source to produce fully contextualized, parametric big data of the highest quality. Omneo eliminates the complexities of collecting, cleaning, and formatting the data for the end user and visualizes the data to accelerate analysis. The Omneo solution creates positive optimization of resources and products across the enterprise. 


To learn more, download Passing the test: Test Data and it’s big data challenges in electronics white paper.