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The Big Data of Thanksgiving Recipe Searches by State

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The average person eats about 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving, but what they eat can differ from state to state. Thanksgiving plates across the US have the standard turkey, potatoes, stuffing, gravy and pies but there are quite a few regional differences in the details. Tableau and partnered to show the big data of favorite Thanksgiving dishes by state.


While mashed potatoes are the favored potato dish for Thanksgiving in most places, states along the Bible Belt prefer a potato casserole, Louisiana prefers potatoes au gratin and those in North Dakota love scalloped potatoes.


Green beans are the most popular side dish in 45 of the 50 states. But in Texas, rice is the preferred side, as are corn-based dishes in Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.


States are divided on pie. While apple is the No. 1 pick on the East and West Coasts, it’s sweet potato in the Southeast, pumpkin in the Midwest and pecan in Texas and Oklahoma.


Check out the interactive map to see what the favorites are in your state!






Happy Thanksgiving!