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The History of Big Data Analytics – Part 4: Focusing on Quality

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Community Manager

In part four of the six part series, The History of Big Data Analytics, we explore how the quality of data affects big data analytics.


Quality wasn’t always a key factor in manufacturing. However, this changed in 1969 with legendary quality expert Joseph Juran. He predicted that Japan would lead the world in quality manufacturing due to their dedication to training employees of all functions and levels about superior quality. Both line managers and supervisors were taught how to leverage quality data to prevent defects and recalls.


These quality techniques led to a higher expectations by customers about the quality of the products they purchased. Thus, the manufacturers who leveraged data to increase the quality of their products were more successful than the ones that didn’t.


Watch Part 4: Focusing on Quality to learn more about how quality in both products and customer service became competitive forces in manufacturing.




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