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JT 4 Office Add-in now available for download!

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Siemens Genius

When JT2Go Desktop moved to the 64 bit platform we had to leave the old Office Integration behind. The direction from Microsoft for working with Office products on the 64 bit platform is to use Add-ins. This approach supports the Office 365 paradigm. We have been working on a way to incorporate JT content into Office products using the new Microsoft approach and now have our JT 4 Office Add-in ready for you to try.

There is a new way to use 3D JT data with Microsoft Word. The JT 4 Office Add-in allows users to grab snapshots of 3D geometry or CAD authored Model Views, with PMI (Product Manufacturing information), and add them to Word documents. Snapshots added to Word docs come to life in the 3D JT 4 Office Viewer when selected. The JT 4 Office Add-in reads HTML renderings of JT files created for free with JT2Go. Use this Office and SharePoint Add-in to author images into process documents or technical descriptions for downstream applications.

Use JT 4 Office to load data from a local disk or through a shared link to OneDrive Cloud storage. Files shared from OneDrive can be activated in the JT 4 Office viewer without distributing a separate 3D data file. Users can also embed JT 4 Office data directly into a document.

The 3D JT 4 Office viewer provides Zoom, Pan, Rotate and Fit features. A drop down menu lists Model Views authored in the JT file. Users can select the size of image authored to the Word document.

 JT2Go 11.3 or newer is required to generate HTML files for JT 4 Office.

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I just tried installing JT 4 Office on my computer and it fails to initialize in Word. I'm using Windows 10 64-bit but I have Office 2016 32-bit installed. Does JT 4 Office require 64-bit Office applications? The add-in appears in Word, but when I click on it to open the dialog, it just opens blank, with no features or controls.
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Where can I download Jt 4 Office?

I can't find in it in Office Store