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Super meeting, great presentations, very good participation and an excellent host.
It's that time of year again, the Technical Leaders of the JT Open Program are coming together to share their experiences and new insights on working ...
An excellent call this month. Thanks to Paul Nelson from Orbital ATK for his presentation on using JT for First Article Inspection.
Read about the JT Open monthly call, including preparations for the TRB Meeting at LEGOLAND.
LEGO and Orbital ATK to preview PLM Connections material at JT Open TRB Monthly Call.
Learn what happened during the March call.      
Read about our second monthly call of 2017. We have a venue for the 2017 JT Open TRB
Our first call of the 2017...  
It is the first Wednesday of the month. That means the JT Open TRB had its monthly call.
If you, or your company are part of the JT Open Program and you would like to get access to materials from the recent MRB or TRB meetings, here is how...