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I know I'm not eliglble to win being a Siemens reseller, but I had to give it a shot being a huge car buff.   Things I did to it.  Added some new wheels from grabcad which I edited to get the 5 spoke look.  I got some seats from grabcad as well and edited them to get a more rounded look.  I designed a custom grill, fenders and blower to it. The custom grill has 2 connecting rods back to the firewall.  The grill mesh was sketched out to have indivual slats. The body and windsheild were widened  and stretcheed as well as closing up the suspension cutouts.  The custom fenders are molded into the rear bed of the truck.  I opened the truck bed and dropped the gas tank inside. I also mirrored the mirrors so it has 2 now.  I enlarged the disc brakes and calipers to fit in the new wheels.   All in all it was a fun challege.  More renderings to come...