Re: Does anyone know how to:Make 5 axis output at start of operation always be B0, C0 with IJK 001?

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@Javi_Garcia wrote:

From my memory...


At initial_move and first_move check if mom_tool_axis(2) is equal to 1.000

IF it is, then set mom_pos(3) and mom_pos(4) to zero, set mom_out_angle(0) and mom_out_angle(1) to zero, then reload the variables using

MOM_reload_variable -a mom_pos

MOM_reload_variable -a mom_out_angle


I think that this is all you need.


The problem with this approach is that "mom_pos" has already been calculated.

So the X/Y/Z positions will also need to be changed to reflect the change in angle.  (and if you are going directly into a drill cycle, all the mom_cycle_*_pos arrays as well)


You really need to reset the angles BEFORE the initial / first move events, so when thise events occur, NX calculates everything correctly.


Note that "read ahead" won't help - the mom_nxt_* variables aren't correct until the initial/first move events, so you can't do this in "start of path".


Note I have an IR (9187532) which (I hope) will soon be an ER, to make the mom_nxt_* variables correct at "start of path"

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