Re: Does anyone know how to:Make 5 axis output at start of operation always be B0, C0 with IJK 001?

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Forgot to include, I think this answer at operation end will do it for many of our configurations.

@Ken_A wrote:

What I would do...

At the end of EVERY operation reset mom_prev_out_angle_pos(0...1) to zero & reload it

global mom_prev_out_angle_pos
set mom_prev_out_angle_pos(0) 0.0
set mom_prev_out_angle_pos(1) 0.0
MOM_reload_varliable -a mom_prev_out_angle_pos



Then it should be consistantly starting at the point closest to (rotary axes) (0,0)

This may change your existing posted code, but should be consistant from now on.


Note for completeness, you may have to reset everything (the "sledgehammer" approach)

# Appropriate "global"s here

set mom_pos(3) 0.0
set mom_pos(4) 0.0
set mom_prev_pos(3) 0.0
set mom_prev_pos(4) 0.0
set mom_out_angle_pos(0) 0.0
set mom_out_angle_pos(1) 0.0
set mom_prev_out_angle_pos(0) 0.0
set mom_prev_out_angle_pos(1) 0.0
set mom_prev_rot_ang_4th 0.0
set mom_prev_rot_ang_5th 0.0

# Appropriate MOM_reload_variable calls here