Re: Does anyone know how to:Make 5 axis output at start of operation always be B0, C0 with IJK 001?


I use the command below. I just dealt with this last week. Only thing is that it broke the Auto_clamp, so I had to make my own custom "auto clamp" with a little help. 


Try it out


Edit: I place it in the "start of path"



global mom_pos
global mom_last_pos
global mom_prev_pos
global mom_prev_out_angle_pos
global mom_out_angle_pos

set mom_pos(2) 25.0
set mom_pos(3) 0.0
set mom_pos(4) 0.0
set mom_last_pos(2) 25.0
set mom_prev_pos(2) 25.0
set mom_prev_pos(3) 0.0
set mom_prev_pos(4) 0.0
set mom_prev_out_angle_pos(0) 0.0
set mom_prev_out_angle_pos(1) 0.0
set mom_out_angle_pos(0) 0.0
set mom_out_angle_pos(1) 0.0

MOM_reload_variable -a mom_pos
MOM_reload_variable -a mom_last_pos
MOM_reload_variable -a mom_prev_pos
MOM_reload_variable -a mom_prev_out_angle_pos
MOM_reload_variable -a mom_out_angle_pos




reset positions.PNG

Glenn Balon
Production: NX 12.0.2 MP10 Primarily CAM