Re: How to video: Post Configurator Session 6 - Inspect Tool/ extended Debugging

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Hello @Frank,


if you use a postprocessor which was created in an earlier NX version it's needed to update the postprocessor to latest library version. So normally when you installed NX12.0.2 the libraries are updated in the mach/resource/post_configurator folder. That means if you create a new postprocessor this one should have version 4.4.4. Also we updated most of the OOTB sample machines to latest version.


Can you please check the version of the lib_sourcing.tcl?


If this is the case you can update your existing postprocessor with newest version. For this i've attached a small guide how to do.


Hope that will helps.


Edit: I recommend to do a backup of the existing postprocessor before executing the update.


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