Re: How to detect a 5 axis operation in PC


There are 3 modes in Postconfigurator for the "axis_mode"

"CONSTANT"         -->  no axis change in the operation

"POSITIONING"     -->  tool axis change only in rapid move (new drilling, cylinder milling, etc...)

"SIMULTANOUS"  -->  tool axis change in linear or rapid motion


with [LIB_SPF_get_pretreatment axis_mode] you can ask the axis_mode of the current operation

with [LIB_SPF_get_pretreatment axis_mode 1] or [LIB_SPF_get_pretreatment axis_mode next] you can ask the axis_mode of the next operation.



There is also an command [LIB_SPF_ask_operation_type "path_name"]

# <Documentation>
# This procedure examine the operation which is given by the argument or
# if there is no argument then the current operation is used.
# If the array mom_operation_info does not exists (first available in 12.0.2 and there is an argument
# then the returnvalue is "0"
# Return values:
# lincir_5 --> 5axis simultanous     (SIMULTANOUS)
# lincir_3_2 --> 3axis constant with tool axis change  (POSITIONING)
# lincir_3 --> 3axis constant without tool axis change  (CONSTANT)
# point_3_2 --> point operation with tool axis change   (POSITIONING)
# point_3  --> point operation without tool axis change  (CONSTANT)
# probe_3_2 --> probing operation with tool axis change  (POSITIONING)
# probe_3  --> probing operation without tool axis change  (CONSTANT)
# <Example>
# set type [LIB_SPF_ask_operation_type]  --> type .. "return value"