Painted / Masked MBD models


Hello everyone,


I wonder if any of you work with painted/masked models in MBD and if so, how do you do this?


We often need to make design documentation of how we paint and mask our products. When transferring to a MBD work methodology, the goal is to adapt the painting instructions to 3D. Unfortunately I have not found a smooth way to do this yet in NX9.


I've tried a bit with the commando Region, but my problem is that I often want a combination of specific (divided) surfaces and natural (complete) surfaces to be painted/masked. I can only make Regions as long as they are rectangular, circular, annular, cylindrical or arbitrary (complete surfaces), but not if I have for example an oval fitting hole that I need to mask (washer surface of hole), or another irregular surface that is not geometrically distinguished in the 3D-model. The commando Divide Face is only working in part models I think? But we often paint assembly models.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance!

// Jessica