Re: Revolved section views in PMI


Revolved Sections are not allowed in the ASME Y14.41-2012 Standard, Digital Product Definition Data Practices, (Mandatory Appendix I, Section 3.6(b)(6)) and ASME Y14.3-2012 Standard, Orthographic and Pictorial Views, (Section, and as such, 3D Revolved Sections aren't supported in PMI to my knowledge.


I am curious though, can you provide some information about why you need a Section View to define a Diameter?  Doesn't the 3D Geometrical Topography of the Model define the Basic Diameter?  If you need to apply some tolerance, wouldn't it be better to apply an appropriate GD&T FCF to the applicable surface on the model?


You can apply Profile Tolerance controls on diametral features...


Hope that helps.  If I'm missing the mark, please explain with some more detail (if possible, a picture is worth a thousand words Smiley Happy) so I'll be able to better understand your issue.