Re: Restrict model edits to PMI only



You could create snapshot models of the model in question and run a validation routine to ensure that geometry changes were not made while the draftsman completed his/her work to proper specifications.

Since I work for Elysium, I would just use ASFALIS to complete that process. I do not know if there is a similar function in NX.

I do know that years ago while working on a new design program as a manufacturing planner. (We were supposed to plan manufacturing processes as the designers developed the design models. And we didn’t want to slow down the designers by having them explain themselves as the design progressed. So, our answer was to use APIs to program simple scripts that would compare last week’s design to the progress since then. Then we would update/create any processes required to match the new design.) This is a slightly different scenario than you are looking at, but the differences are found and can be operated on in any manner you desire.

Rich Eckenrode