Re: Organization of Model Views




Thanks for the suggestions. To be honest I had forgotten about dragging and dropping the views so that saves some time.


With regard to you asking for suggestions I have two and I can write ER's if you think it's worth it or anyone else in the forum agrees. I would like to see the newly "Save As" view drop right underneath the view that the user is copying. As mentioned before when the part has 40 or more views already, scrolling to the bottom every time you "Save As" is a nuisance.


On the filtering front on the top of my head I guess I would like to see "View Sets" expanded so it works more like a grouping of views. I.E. back to the start of this string if I have a large casting model that already has 40 or 50 views before I even start applying PMI then I would like to be able to create a view set or a group of views that allows me to collapse them and not have to continuously have them visible. An example would be (in our case) we leave the canned views alone so they could be grouped together and hidden in that set/group, then all the modeling views grouped together then we can create an explicit sort order for our MBD views as they get created. View sets are very limited in that you can only create them with canned views. If you expanded view sets to allow all created views in them, that would be a good solution.   Thanks


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