Re: Discussion about flat pattern definition and export problem with edge only defining x-direction

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Oh Nicolas, it seems telepathy really exists :-)

I had this morning a small meeting with key users and we discussed mainly the documentation for update training (NX 8.5 -> NX 10). For many years we have an own function to export FP DXFs. Even before NX Sheet Metal - we started with UG V16 (SMD). We still use that software. Nevertheless we provide both Export Functions (ours and SPLM). In the past the DXF layers did not match with these in NX Sheet Metal. This makes issues in the follow up processes. OK - this is solved now, and I hoped I can get rid of our Export SW.

BUT then I was pointed by somebody to exactly the issue you have. So I can confirm it. I looked in UG Answers and found ticket 7459900 "Export Flat Pattern creates single line in DXF file" where GTAC said they should explicitly define the direction in FP (Orientation -> Move to Abs. CSYS). IMHO this should not be necessary. I see that Orientation option only use to define the orientation in 2D of the FP. It would expect the Exp.FP function exports exactly the FP as I see it in the FP View (From above, not from the side). I cannot imagine in which cases it makes sense to have the DXF from the side... 


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