Re: Flat pattern on imported or modelled

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Siemens Phenom

Hi @cubalibre00

I have tested both NX11.0.2 and NX12 and both seem to honour the bend table settings.


This is how I validated the results:

  1. Create a tab and flangein sheet metal of known values (I used 3mm thk and bend radius of 5mm)
  2. Change to modeling and remove all feature parameters (Edit-->Feature-->Remover Parameters)
    This makes the body a non-sheet metal part.
  3. Now go back to sheet metal and set part properties to read the bend table
  4. Run convert to sheet metal

Now check the neutral factor is correct.

In NX11 I have some internal tools to do this and can confirm the converted body is reading the correct values from the bend table for given radius and angle.

You can check this in NX12 beta ( I believe you have this access) using the visual reporting tools.


Let me know how you get on.