Changin sheet metal material table



after some feedback from manufacturing department I've edited the sheet_metal_material_table.csv to obtain a better flat pattern calculation. The edit was done on NX closed, but when I openend the part, the flat pattern doens't update. The update was performed with Menù->Tool->Update->Update for External Exchange. Doesn't exist an auto-update ?

I know that on NX 12 there is a string to put in the sheet_metal_material_table.csv to indicate that the table is changed, but I didn't test it.

Anyway, I'm on NX 11.02, there is setting that help final user have flange updated on the last sheet_metal_material_table.csv ?

Actually I don't know nothing apart to customize the open menu file that perform an Update for External Exchange.


Thank you...

Using NX1867
RuleDesigner PDM