Re: Outer mold and inner mold line

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Hi @cubalibre00,


Is this on a drawing?  If so the flat pattern display options are separate from sheet metal preferences as @Thomas_K explains.  Can you provide infor about the data - is it created in NX11 or are you opening legacy files that include flat patterns?


Some important things to note:

  1. IML and OML historically have not been created on anything other than advanced flange before NX11.  From NX11 they are shown for many more features.
  2. By default the setting to display them has always been on - so now when you create a flat pattern, the lines are shown by default and need to be turned off if you do not want to see them.
  3. While editing legacy (Pre NX11) Flat Pattern features, an option is provided to generate OML and IML. This toggle option will not be available on the dialog after you update the feature by turning ON the toggle to generate OML and IML and commits the feature.