Creating an "outside dimensioned" L-Profile with the Flange feature


Hi all,


We sometime come across following type of flange:

E.g. L-profile; inside bend angle 135°, both flanges with outside dimensions need to be e.g. 100mm to the virtual intersection point.


I can't find a way to do this in NX.


In an old software we used to use for 3D CAD (Radan) we would do it like this:

2016-10-13_05.gifCreating a Flange (obtuse) in Radan 12016-10-13_06.gifCreating a Flange (obtuse) in Radan 22016-10-13_07.gifCreating a Flange (obtuse) in Radan2016-10-13_08.gifCreating a Flange (obtuse) in Radan; endresultI'm just pointing this out because I believe the Flange feature needs some "refreshing"


Any thoughts on this?

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