Re: Creating an "outside dimensioned" L-Profile with the Flange feature

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Siemens Phenom

Interesting problem.  The flange feature can create the 100mm dimension for the flange no problem however it does adjust the tab length depending on the Inset option.

You could drive the base tab length with an expression that's dependent on the angle.


  • Define the flange angle as a variable, say BendAngle=45
  • Create the TAB and for the length use a formula
  • Create the flange with Length reference = Outside and Inset = Bend Outside

Then, Tab and Flange lengths = 100mm

Not the easiest method but an alternate solution until we provide one internally.

2016-10-13 11_54_53-NX - Sheet Metal - [sheet_metal_model4.prt (Modified) ].jpg