Re: Pattern holes and flat size


Hi Nicolas,


I quickly read your PDF and I understand your issues.

I also already had a problem trying to get a hole callout on a flat pattern view on a drafting (IR/ER 8266075 if you're interested). That also wasn't possible most probably because the flat pattern doesn't hold that intelligence.


The remark about holes that can not be plasma cut or lasercut because of being too small, and thus need a center mark instead of the circle itself, also is a concern to us. The only thing then will be; how can you explain to NX when to put a centermark and when to put a circle? This would mean NX needs a place that can hold Machine Data. And one company can have different type of machines. I can very well imagine that you have laser that can make 4mm holes in 8mm sheet, but the plasma machine might have a limit of dia 10mm in the same 8mm sheet.

And this is where NX Sheet Metal in general needs more intelligence.


The difficult part of Sheet Metal design in general is that the model needs to hold both CAD as Manufacturing data.


I believe NX Sheet Metal needs to be expanded to Manufacturing up to a point where the flat pattern become as intelligent as possible. Many of us users (but not all of us) are after the correct ready-for-production Flat Pattern in the end.

This means that NX can use more Production Method Related Tables. Ultimate goal would be to make a good synthese of all possible needs and then create databases that can be populated by the customer.

I believe that because of this complexity and possible variety no CAD company has ever come up with descent procedures to tackle all problems. I can't blame them ;-)


To get back to your issues; To be succesful at hole exports, the Hole Definition file will need extra intelligence to start with. The Flat Pattern export definition will also need expanded possibilities. For a DXF export you can use layers, colors, line types whatever. The exporter routine will need intelligence from the Hole Def File.


For the GEO export there are no layers. I need to check on the possible definitions for Holes. I'm going to Euroblech on Friday 28th October and I will check what the possibilities are. Maybe we can have a look on how Trumpf does it and try to put this workflow in the DXF Flat Pattern creation?

With the GEO there is more intelligence possible (like e.g. bend lines already hold Bend angle and Direction , but GEO's can also have Points, engraving lines, text,etc...

The GEO can also contain Material Type, Material Thickness, Customer Name, Project Name, Bend Tooling names per bend, even pre bend operation data(for bend steps in 2 stages), Cutting Table Name, Cutting Table Experience Table Name, etc...


Thanks for your PDF Nicolas.





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